Marcell Davidsen Named Executive Chef of Community Table

"I'm very excited to take over from Chef Joel, and I have tremendous respect for him and what he has achieved," Davidsen wrote in an email. "I wish to keep growing Community Table, and its already amazing reputation, exploring the New England landscape and culture, to find new exciting delicious ingredients. Through my cooking I wish to spark in people particular times, sensations, and memories, establishing a balance between food, nature, life and experience."
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(By Leeanne Griffin in CTNow, May 6, 2015)

Community Table: Best Locavore Experience

Yankee magazine named Community Table the "Best Locavore Experience" in March 2015.
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Community Table – Washington CT

Spanish Hipster is an elegant and thoughtful food blog that features many finely-notated photographs.

“Our first meal back in April was beyond memorable, it was likely up there with Noma and Geranium as one of the most special dining experiences of the year. That being said we were a bit nervous… can it live up to our expectations the second time around or will it disappoint like MGMT’s last few albums. Thankfully for us Joel is the farthest thing from a one album wonder!”
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(Spanish Hipster, July 16, 2012)

Scandinavian Chic With Local Freshness

"The executive chef, Joel Viehland, most recently of Noma, a two-star Michelin restaurant in Copenhagen, often allows his farm-fresh ingredients to speak for themselves. Such was the case with a cold corn soup that was creamy and smooth, displaying a wonderfully vibrant corn flavor without a hint of starch. Field lettuces, a colorful medley of greens and edible flowers, carrot and cucumber shavings, topped with crispy Parmesan wafers, was another refreshing study in simplicity.

More complex appetizers proved just as rewarding. Sesame- and coriander-crusted sea scallops were beautifully bronzed and set against an asymmetrical tableau of vegetables — gossamer disks of yellow cucumber, an extended ribbon of kohlrabi, grilled green cucumber cut to resemble a nori roll, dill flowers and verbena leaves. Stonington scallops, also perfectly cooked, were enhanced by a marriage of flavors — strawberry granita, raw briny littlenecks, garlicky kimchi and bacony bits of lamb pancetta."
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(By Christopher Brooks in The New York Times, September 2, 2011 )

State Restaurant, Chef Nominated for James Beard Foundation Awards

"It's been a good week for Connecticut chefs, but especially for Joel Viehland of Community Table in Washington.... On Tuesday, he was revealed (along with Still River Cafe's Kara Brooks) as a contender for Food & Wine Magazine's "People's Best New Chef" award in the New England region. Two days later, Community Table has been named as a James Beard Foundation Award semi-finalist in the "Best New Restaurant" category.
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(By Leeanne Griffin in the Hartford Courant, February 17, 2011)

Serious About Sustainability

Two Connecticut Chefs Manage To Cook With Local Products, Even In Dead Of Winter. "In this day and age, we hear a lot about "sustainable" cooking. But in the middle of a harsh Connecticut winter, when absolutely nothing appears to be growing locally, what can that possibly mean?.... What does Viehland do for vegetables in winter when nothing is growing outside? Months ago, he stocked up on root vegetables when they were in season, loading up the restaurant's walk-in. He does a lot of pickling and preserving. He buys local meats and seafood. He cures some meats, making duck prosciutto, pancetta and cured hog jowl. He makes terrines and forcemeats. He freezes fruits such as berries and vegetables."
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(By Deborah Hornblow in, February 17, 2011)

Community Table is Democratic, Daring, Delicious

"When was the last time you went to a restaurant and wanted to lick your plate clean? That’s how we felt the other night at Community Table, the remarkable locavore restaurant that opened a few months ago in Washington, CT. Highly-principled, highly-styled but down-to-earth, Community Table is one of those restaurants that boldly prints its mission statement on the first page of the menu... and then follows through magnificently but humbly."
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(By Dan Shaw in, October 27, 2010)

Keeping It Fresh and Local

"This Ct is dressed in soft and earthy tones, in a space that diverges into two main wings. The right side offers nine separate tables at which patrons can enjoy an intimate encounter, and the left side has one massive “community table,” large enough to serve a few different parties at once. The atmosphere is, well, both casual and vibrant.... The staff is hyper-courteous and extremely knowledgeable about a menu that practically changes daily. It’s not the rotating specials list found at most eateries, but an entire menu that adapts to the changes in the harvest."
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(By Jack Coraggio in Passport Magazine, September 17, 2010)

Eating ‘Locally’ in Washington

"It will be the local farmers, based on the state of their most recent harvest, that will dictate how his inaugural menu will take shape. Indeed, relying on a relatively small bounty of local agriculturalists requires one to be sharp, quick, ready to change course should a bout of unseasonably cold temperatures delay the green vegetables needed for a specialty salad, for example."

Profile with video of Community Table Executive Chef Joel Viehland.
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(By Jack Coraggio in the Litchfield County Times, May 21, 2010)

Roadside Diaries
Community Table: A Place to Gather and Enjoy

This preview of Community Table includes two recipes by Community Table Executive Chef Joel Viehland: "Cherry Preserves with Almond and Ginger" and "Roasted and Raw Salad of Spring Vegetables with a Mint-Ginger, Brown-Butter Vinaigrette."
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(By Mary E. Adams in Edible Nutmeg, Spring 2010)